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Here at Dayton Headstones, we are here to help guide you when having to make important decisions during difficult times for you and your family. We help families all over the Dayton, OH area, including the surrounding areas of Beavercreek, Fairborn, Centerville, Springboro, and Vandalia. If you are searching for headstones for sale in Dayton or the surrounding areas, we can help you honor your loved one with the perfect memorial that will honor their life for generations to come. To check out our headstone prices, get in contact with us via our phone or the contact form to the right of this page.

At Dayton Headstones, our professional and dedicated staff work to help create a memorial that your entire family will love. Our company doesn’t just create any memorial, they help guide you through this tough time by helping you honor your loved one with a beautiful headstone that will last for years to come. With our specialized templates and world class art department, we can bring any idea you have for your loved one’s headstone to reality. We can even help create pet headstones, as we realize your furry friends are important members of your family. We look forward to helping you and your family any way we can during these challenging times.

Our Headstones For Graves Dayton, OH

Our company provides a wide variety of headstones for graves to families in Dayton and nearby communities. All of our headstones for sale come in different sizes, shapes, styles, and granite colors. Headstone prices will depend on the aforementioned factors, including the style, size, and granite color. Although we often make custom-shaped headstone memorials for our Dayton families, the main types of memorials we craft are flat grave markers, upright cemetery headstones, memorial benches, and cremation memorials. Below, you can find some of our most common-requested headstones and services.

Flat Grave Markers
Cemetery Headstones
Cremation Memorials

Flat Grave Markers Dayton, OH

Needing to design and create a flat grave marker for your loved one’s passing? Our flat grave markers are perfect economical options to remember your loved one. One of the benefits of a grave marker, aside that they are the most economical choice, is that they can be created quickly and typically are less likely to be damaged from cemetery maintenance crews since they sit flush with the ground. Our grave markers come in both individual and companion sizes as well as a variety of granite colors. We can even create bronze marker memorials if your cemetery requires a bronze headstone to be placed at your loved one’s grave.

Cemetery Headstones For Sale

Our headstones for sale are the most popular memorial we create for families in the Dayton, OH area. We specialize in crafting upright headstone memorials that honor your loved one while telling their story. Our cemetery headstones come in different shapes, sizes, and granite colors. We can help you determine the best option for you depending on your desires and cemetery restrictions (if any). Get in touch with our monument company in order to get headstone prices and see what options we have to honor the life of your loved one.

Cremation Monuments For Dayton Families

If you loved one has been cremated and in need of a cremation memorial, we have a handful of options available to honor their life. The most popular cremation memorial that we sell is an urn. Urns for ashes make great cremation memorials, as they are economical, small, and can be custom engraved. If your loved one’s remains are going to be placed in a cemetery, then you may opt to having an upright headstone, memorial bench, or columbarium created for their remains. Give us a call to discuss options and pricing on all of our cremation monuments.

Memorial Benches
Sandblasting & Laser Etching

Memorial Benches For Sale Dayton, OH

If you are looking for a unique memorial that may be different from a traditional upright cemetery headstone, you may consider designing a memorial bench for your loved one. Memorial benches can be crafted in a way that allows you to remember your loved one and have a place to sit when visiting their final resting place. We have a few different types of memorial benches to choose from, with our most popular two options being a memorial garden bench and a traditional bench seat memorial. Each one can be custom engraved with a unique design.


Mausoleums have been around from the beginning of time to help preserve the those who have passed without placing them into the ground. These structure buildings have chambers in them which hold the deceased and can have memorial plaques and designs around them to honor the family. It can also be very beneficial when wanting one specifically for your family so your future generations can go and reflect on their ancestors and the history behind it all. Use this type of entombment as an option for any burial services for those who have passed.

Laser Etching & Sandblasting Services

We offer two types of engraving services. Our laser engraving is a style of engraving that is only available for black granite memorials. Due to the unique properties of black granite, we are able to perform laser engraving, which gives the pictures, text, and emblems on the black granite headstone more of a real-life three-dimensional appearance. The other type of engraving is the traditional sandblasting, which we can do on black granite headstones as well as all the other granite colors we offer. Speak to one of our staff members at our memorial company to determine which type of engraving is best for you and your family.

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Our monument company serving Dayton, OH is dedicated to providing families with affordable headstones that will honor their loved ones for generations to come. We have options for any family that is in need of some type of headstone for their loved one. Headstone quotes and headstone prices can be obtained by giving us a call or using the request a quote form at the top of this page. We look forward to helping you and your family during these difficult times.

“I had a difficult time picking out a headstone that would honor my husband. But with their help this was completed so easily and on time. They were wonderful!” Johanna K

“I wanted to get a memorial for my dog who had recently passed, and it was perfect. Exactly what I wanted!” John. M

“I had a difficult time picking out a headstone that would honor my husband. But with their help this was completed so easily and on time. They were wonderful!” Johanna K“I needed a bench memorial for my best friend who loved to go hiking. Dayton Headstones helped create a beautiful bench that commemorated my best friend and it is incredible. Thank you!” George. V