Humans are unique, yet very similar to each other. For instance, have you ever stopped to wonder about the unique stories, careers, interests, and qualities of a person’s life? It is amazing how different we are from each other when we think about these things.

The desire to be different from others inspires us a lot to pursue things in our way – from the car we drive to the clothes we wear and the stories we share on our social media.

When it comes to planning the end of life, everyone wants to honor their loved one in a unique and different way, this is why so many people choose to personalize a headstone

In 2020, more and more families are looking for a way to personalize their loved one’s headstone in order to show their unique story of life. To help you understand what options are available, Dayton Headstones reveal 3 unique ways you can personalize a gravestone.

Go For Unique Shapes

  • When walking down the cemetery, you may have witnessed uniquely shaped headstones. There are some very popular ones that have often been captured on camera and praised for their uniqueness.

Now you don’t have to be this extreme to create a headstone that completely stands apart from the rest of the graves because there are certain cemetery restrictions in place that will likely change your decision. 

  • But it doesn’t mean that you can still order a uniquely shaped headstone that incorporates headstone design to tell a story. A great example is a watering pot which could symbolize someone who had a love for gardening.

Choose Different Colors

  • Very much like the design and texture of the headstone, flat grave marker, or monument, you can also choose a color for your loved one’s marker. 

For most people, granite color is the default choice. But if you want to stand out from others, there are numerous other color choices available. Just talk to a gravestone maker to find out what your choices are. 

Add Accessories

  • In addition to picking the color, message, and design of the headstone, you also have the option to add an accessory item to further personalize the monument. There are many choices available that add functionality to a headstone. 

For example, you can go for flower vases, marble statues, memory medallion, and even QR codes for the modern era


  • There are several ways you can personalize the headstone to honor a loved one, but before you pick your options, it is very important to know the regulations of a cemetery where you plan to bury your loved one.

Cemeteries have set rules that people have to follow and some of these rules prevent you from using certain shapes as well as colors and sizes of the headstone. If you are not sure about this, always get in touch with a gravestone maker to find out what options you can go with.

For cemeteries in Dayton, get in touch with Dayton Headstones today and their team will guide you throughout the process. 

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