Choosing the right words for a headstone or a memorial is a very challenging task, and for some, it can be quite stressful. At Dayton Headstones, we have been carving headstones for many years and we thought it is the best time to share some valuable tips to help you choose the right wording.

Keep Things Simple


Shorter inscriptions are always better and hold more impact than longer ones. Although it is perfectly fine to have many things included on the headstone, it is always a better thing to ask yourself if you really need that many words on a stone.
For instance, cemeteries including funeral homes in  Dayton, Ohio don’t have any legal requirements to include dates and names, and in some cases, the cemetery may only require you to add the first name on the stone. Therefore, you need to make sure that the inscription must be simple.

Try Not to Copy Others

  • There are many templates to choose from today if you just do a simple search on Google. However, we recommend avoiding this and follow your heart instead. Choose the words that come to you naturally and try to avoid these trends on the internet.

For example, now there is a trend where people begin the inscription with the words ‘in loving memory of’, similarly, previously it was ‘here lies’. Do you really need these extra words at the beginning of the inscription? We think not. So, stick with what comes to your heart and mind and avoid the trends.

It Isn’t Always About Words

  • Let’s not forget, a headstone can have more than just words on it. Check its design, see the letterforms and the complete shape of the stone. Why not go for a carving at the reverse or top? For instance, you might want to add in something that arouses other senses like the sense of touch.

If you think this is important, Dayton Headstones can create a headstone that is rounded and smooth to the touch. We can also create a sunken bowl to represent eternity or even something that is glided.

The Material will Have A Lasting Influence on the Inscription

  • It is very important to know the material requirements of the cemetery before you order one. More importantly, different materials require different sized letter-forms. This will have a lasting impact on the length of the inscription.

For instance, if you go for a limestone headstone, it requires bold and large lettering and therefore limiting the words you can add on the headstone. If on the other hand, you choose a stale stone, it will allow you to add a lot more wordings since it uses italic letters in small size.

  • At Dayton Headstones, servicing all of Dayton OH, we understand that going through a loss is devastating and we are here to help successfully get you through these hard times by helping with any type of memorials desired.

Our dedicated staff of professionals works around the clock to make sure you are getting our full attention to detail for any type of customized memorials to honor your loved ones who have passed. We provide you with the top of the line products and materials that are all cost-effective and get your products done in a time-efficient manner.
Choosing a headstone or flat markers can be challenging when you have the rest of the service to plan but with our templates, customizing and designing can be done easily. Including making any cremation memorials for people who have chosen another way of disposal.

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