The cemeteries in Dayton Ohio have their own regulations and specific rules or what they will allow people to install into their cemetery. For you, this means that it is extremely important to know the rules and regulations because a cemetery can refuse the delivery of a headstone maker if it doesn’t meet the requirements.
If you’re looking for a headstone, a flat marker, or a mausoleum in Dayton, get in touch with Dayton headstones today for more information on purchasing the right headstone or memorial for cemeteries in Dayton.
For those of you who are dealing with the death of a close relative for the first time, it is very important to obtain a written copy of cemetery rules and regulations. If you were not given a copy when you purchased a gravesite, you can request the cemetery to provide you with a copy. But keep in mind, a cemetery is required by law to give you this copy.
Here are a few more things you need to know before you buy a headstone.

Know More About The Plot

  • You must know if the grave plot you are about to acquire is a single, companion, cremation or baby plot. You will also have to know which garden or the section the plot is on to help you determine the required size of the headstone.

Know the Material of the Marker

  • Make sure you are aware of which materials are allowed in the cemetery for a given marker. This will help you decide whether to order a granite headstone or one made of bronze. If they only allow the use of bronze, then you may have to order a granite base for the bronze marker.

Know the Size Allowed for Headstones

  • It is very important to know the size you are required to use. You will have to inquire about the minimum and maximum size so you can choose the best option available under your budget. We usually keep a list of all general sizes so get in touch with us if you are not sure.

Do They Require Emblems?

  • Inquire from the cemetery if they require the use of engravings or emblems to be used on the grave. For some cemeteries in Dayton, it is required that a cross must be engraved on the marker. Some cemeteries even require the grave location to be marked. To be able to provide you with a marker that meets all the regulations, we need to know about this.

Know about Any Specific Restrictions

  • Inquire if the cemetery restricts the use of bronze or granite colors. Some cemeteries strictly require you to use specific colors based on the location of the grave. Know this before you order a headstone from us or anywhere else.

Are Pictures Allowed?

  • Gravestones can be engraved with the picture of your loved one, but cemeteries may not allow it. If you want to add a photo to a marker, make sure that you have the permission of the cemetery.

Once you have all the required information, get in touch with Dayton Headstones today and let us make you the finest gravestone that will honor the memory of your love one like none.

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