Buying a headstone online

Things to Know Before Buying a Headstone Online Dealing with the death of a loved one is always stressful. For those family members tasked with making funeral arrangements and designing memorials, the stress of dealing with death can easily be compounded by the frustrations of making plans. Thankfully, today’s headstone manufacturers make it easier than […]

3 Best Options for Grave Markers – Expert Advice On Headstones

We have marked the graves of our loved ones throughout history. It is no surprise because if you walk in a graveyard today, you’ll see hundreds of markers still standing even after several years gone since they were placed. Whether it is a simple wooden cross, a pile of stones, or a towering pyramid on top […]

5 Must-Know Things Before Buying a Headstone In Dayton

The cemeteries in Dayton Ohio have their own regulations and specific rules or what they will allow people to install into their cemetery. For you, this means that it is extremely important to know the rules and regulations because a cemetery can refuse the delivery of a headstone maker if it doesn’t meet the requirements. If […]

5 Important Tips for Choosing an Inscription for a Headstone

Choosing the right words for a headstone or a memorial is a very challenging task, and for some, it can be quite stressful. At Dayton Headstones, we have been carving headstones for many years and we thought it is the best time to share some valuable tips to help you choose the right wording. Keep […]

3 Helpful Tips For Buying the Right Memorial Bench

 Memorial benches are one of the most popular ways to honor and memorialize a deceased loved one. These can be placed anywhere and are big enough to be noticed by anyone walking past them. Moreover, memorial benches also add to the environment and they remind us of the accomplishments of our loved one. This is why […]

Difference Between Engraving and Laser Etching – Headstones in Dayton

​A headstone is an important and deeply personal tribute given to a passed away loved one. It isan essential way to remember those who have passed away, serving a long-lastingrepresentation of their achievements in life.As such, the design of a headstone is very rewarding, however it can easily feel overwhelmingfor beginners. You’ll not only have […]

Everything You Need to Know About Headstones and Grave Markers

When it comes to memorializing a loved one, most people think of a tombstone, but it is far from being the only kind of grave memorial. For example, there are other options available such as flat grave markers and upright gravestones.If you plan to have an in-ground burial, you’ll require an upright monument or grave […]

3 Smart Ways to Personalize a Headstone – Expert Advice

Humans are unique, yet very similar to each other. For instance, have you ever stopped to wonder about the unique stories, careers, interests, and qualities of a person’s life? It is amazing how different we are from each other when we think about these things. The desire to be different from others inspires us a […]

Choosing the Right Photo For a Headstone

Modern technology and expert headstone makers have enabled people to add high-quality photos on grave markers. Memorializing a loved one by personalizing a gravestone is one of the best ways to honor the deceased.  If you want to add a specific photo to a flat grave marker or gravestone, but don’t have the slightest idea on […]

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