Modern technology and expert headstone makers have enabled people to add high-quality photos on grave markers. Memorializing a loved one by personalizing a gravestone is one of the best ways to honor the deceased. 

If you want to add a specific photo to a flat grave marker or gravestone, but don’t have the slightest idea on the rules and regulations of cemeteries and photo requirements, you have come to the right place.

At Dayton Headstones, we work tirelessly to create meaningful flat markers and gravestones to help you honor your loved ones. Here is a comprehensive guide on choosing the right photo for a headstone to help you get the best results.

Do Not Use Cropped Photos

  • You have to make sure that the picture you choose is the exact picture you want to see on the headstone. If the photo is cropped, or edited in any way, the lost parts cannot be filled or fixed in any way.

    It is important to choose a picture that is not pixelated or cropped in any way. Keep this in mind when picking the photo because this photo will be permanently added on a headstone.

Think About the Background

  • Remember that the photo you will appear exactly the same as it is on a flat marker or gravestone. This means that if there is any background in the photo, it will also be clearly visible. 

Even though using modern tools can help you remove the background from the image, it may not be the best way to deal with a photo because it may make it look like something was cut from the photo and it might get a choppy look.

  • So you have to make sure that the photo you choose has an acceptable background that does not need alteration or removal. Dayton Headstones can help you pick the right picture for a memorial at no cost, just ask one of our specialist teams and we will help you.

Always Pick a High-Resolution Photo

  • ​If you want the picture to appear crystal clear on the headstone, you must make sure that the photo has a high-resolution. You will have to stick to photos taken from a modern camera including photos taken from a high-end smartphone.

Avoid using old photos that have been replicated many times because these do not have the necessary picture resolution to be replicated on the gravestone. The results are often poor when you use a low-quality photo.

  • It is also recommended to avoid downloading photos from social media because these photos are usually in low-resolution. Try and acquire the photo directly from the camera or from the smartphone it was taken from. Avoid stretching the photo through computer software. 

If you need any kind of editing on the photo, you can always ask the gravestone maker to do it for you or get it edited from a professional. Do not do it yourself if you want the best picture results.

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