Cremation Memorials Dayton, OH

Cremation memorials are a fantastic way of honoring your loved one who has passed by having a specialized headstone or structure that is used to place an urn after cremation. Cremation services will hand you the urn of ashes and then you can decide what you want to do with that urn, one being to have it placed in a cremation memorial. These specialized and customized memorials are designed to hold the urn of ashes which is then placed in a cemetery. An array of designs, sizes, and materials are available to you when deciding to go with a cremation memorial, including making it big enough for multiple family member’s urns to fit within it.
Cremation is a way of disposing of a body by burning it instead of burial which is placing it under ground. Cremation is usually done in an industrial furnace to break down the mineral fragments to obtain the cremains of the person that has passed. This is done in the span of about three hours and then the ashes are collected to be placed into an urn for safe keeping. Your family can purchase and urn that may be special to you and then can either be scattered, kept in your home, or placed in a cremation memorial somewhere. Cremation is used for a cost-effective way of disposal and is better for the environment.
Bench Cremation Monuments
Bench styled cremation monuments are an ideal way of holding multiple urns after cremation services.  The urns are held at the foundation of cement so the bench can remain level and concealed. A bench monument can be customized and designed to be any color and size needed when constructing this style memorial. Honor your loved ones by getting a bench memorial for their urns which can be created in any way desired.
Pedestal Cremation Memorial
Pedestal cremation memorials are designed and customized to fit one individual or two urns to whoever has passed and went with cremation services. These pedestal looking monuments are ideal for any garden, yard, or cemetery that doesn’t take up a lot of space. These monuments are directly placed and won’t require any foundation added onto it. There slanted nature can give you the ability to create and engrave any wording that will want to be placed on top of it to customize and honor your loved ones passing.
Tree Cremation Monuments
Tree cremation monuments are styled to fit in with nature and its surroundings by replicating natural rocks and trees. This style monument can be perfect to remember a loved one passing or even a pet that is deceased. A plaque is then added onto the monument so you can create and add any wording that is wanted. These are mostly used for one individual urn and is small enough to place in your garden or yard. It’s a perfect way of celebrating one’s life while making it look and feel natural by adding in the nature elements especially if you are placing it at home to make it apart of your landscaping.