Flat Grave Markers Dayton, OH

Flat grave markers, sometimes referred to as “flat headstones”, are used to commemorate those who have passed in an elegant and economical way. Grave markers can be engraved with an array of different designs. These types of headstones for graves are typically four inches thick and sit flush with the ground once they are installed at the cemetery.

Dealing with a loved one’s death can be difficult, and you may want something to commemorate them at the burial site. With flat grave markers, you can customize and create a marker to have placed at the grave site to continuously have in remembrance when returning to visit. Flat grave markers can have words and designs engraved into the granite such as their name, birthday and the day they passed, and even quotes or emblems that symbolize their life and who they were. Any flat headstone can be sized specifically to your modifications to give you a beautiful way of remembering a life well lived.
Why Use Flat Grave Markers
Using grave markers is an essential way of honoring your loved one by placing personal information onto the stone which is then placed at their burial site. Engrave and customize a personal marker with a favorite quote your loved one use to say or write down their name and dates they came and left on this earth. This type of grave marker can even help locate your deceased loved one for people who weren’t able to make it to the burial site. Grave markers are a great way to honor your loved one while factoring in headstone cost when making a decision on the style of memorial you will be creating.
Grave Markers VS. Headstones
Grave markers differ than  upright cemetery headstones in a few different ways. The grave markers we create for our Dayton, OH families are typically smaller in size that a traditional upright headstone. They are also more economically friendly as well. The downside to a grave marker, unlike that of an upright headstone, is that they are tough to see from far away since they are flush to the ground and do not sit upright like traditional cemetery headstones.

Bronze Grave Markers
If your loved one is resting in a cemetery that requires a bronze grave marker, we are able to help design one that meets the restrictions set forth by the cemetery. Bronze headstones, although not a common requirement, are made of a completely different material and through a different process than our granite grave markers. We can work with you to create a bronze grave marker memorial that will symbolize your loved one’s life for years to come.