Headstones Near Me Dayton, OH

Are you wondering if there are “headstones near me”? If choosing to have an in-ground burial for your recently deceased, you may need to have an upright headstone in order to locate your loved one’s final resting place. Cemetery headstones are a perfect way of having a customized memorial which is designed and styled to give your burial site a beautiful way of remembering the person that you lost. Headstones for graves can be created to have the person’s name, date of birth and death and any other words or phrases wanted on the stone. Honor and remember the person you have lost by adding in a customized headstone to their burial site.
Upright Headstones 
Upright headstones are the most common and traditional headstone you will see when entering a cemetery. Just as the name states, it’s a headstone that sits perfectly upright which is placed in the ground usually at the top of the grave site. These headstones can be designed and created in any size and a few different shapes. We are also able to customize the engraving on the stone for our families in Dayton, OH. Depending on the cemetery there may be specific restrictions set forth that your loved one’s headstone may have to meet, such as size, style, color, etc.
Slanted Headstone
While upright headstones are most common, there is also the slanted headstone that can be used as a memorial. Slanted headstones are upright except for the face of the headstone which is slanted to look down onto the headstone from above. This type of headstone can be beneficial when trying to locate an individual without have to tilt your head to see the names engraved. Slanted headstones will also have to be approved by your cemetery since some burial sites have headstone rules and regulations in place.
Personalized Features
Although headstones are a necessity to most cemeteries, you can personalize any custom headstone to honor and remember your loved one. You will need to engrave the deceased name onto the headstone but can incorporate their date of birth, date of death, and any loving words or bible verses that are desired to customize their headstone. Including having the ability to pick out the type of material and designed headstone that may commemorate that person. You can even add on some famous words or any inside joke that the person might have said to give you and your family a place to go to remember them.
Cemetery Specifics
Depending on the cemetery you are using as a burial site for your dearly departed, you may want to look into what type of headstones you are allowed to purchase. Many cemeteries have rules and regulations regarding their headstones and may want to keep their cemetery unified by having specific sizes and types that can be used. The best way to know the restrictions set forth by your cemetery is to call and ask, as each cemetery has their own set of restrictions that may need to be met when designing a headstone.